There are many places to find music in multiple languages. While we all watch YouTube because of the variety of music posted there, and the fun videos, I urge you to seek out resources that have the music only, without a video or visual. While the videographer’s vision can sometimes increase the appeal for a song, it can also turn you off of an artist or song entirely, so try to evaluate music on its own aural terms as often as possible. I advocate buying recordings, because music is an art worth paying for, but libraries and the radio and streaming services—and going to concerts!—are ways to find music as well.

Some Resources:
Your local college radio and public radio stations, and libraries

NPR’s New Sounds:

The Library of Congress National Jukebox:

The American Musicological Society’s list of musicological sites

The British Library’s Database of World and Traditional Music:

Art Song Central:

Looking for American art songs? Try these reference sites:
The Library of Congress